Welcome to metabirds!
We'd like to make this a comfortable place for internet residents to hang out.


metabirds is great for these kinds of people:

People who want to post online under a nickname.

  • People who have a
    separate Twitter
    account or blog
    they don't share with
    real-world friends.
  • If you enjoy
    changing your
    avatar's looks
    and clothing.
  • If you want to share
    your artwork with
    others and timidly
    get their feedback.
  • If you practically
    live in online games.
  • People have started
    to call you by your
    "handle name" more
    than your real name.

You can launch into it all by yourself,
try the site out with a friend,
or if you think you might be a little interested,
just sign up and play around with writing comments and blogging.
Give it a try!

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