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#Andersoncooper Excuse me😿💦 I hope you will receive this message💌 🚔🇯🇵Serious problems are happening in Japan🇯🇵🚔 The victim is distressed🤦🏻🤦🏻 I want to borrow some of your strength😿💦💦 #MeToo #Japan
Dear #pewdiepie, I am always watching your video😺✨ Thank you for introducing Japan from time to time🗻🇯🇵 You were talking about "Kizuna AI" I was happy😻 But,Incident occurred in Japan😿 I was hoping if you could talk about this topic⬇
#Maddow(@maddow)  Excuse me😿💦 🚔Incident occurred🚔 The victim was a member of the idol group NGT48👩🏻 This group produced by Mr,Akimoto😎 🔥🚨He has many problems🚨🔥 I was hoping if you could talk about this topic someday. I beg you please😿💦 #MeToo #Japan#NGT48 #AKS
🗡She was attacked🗡 The criminal has not been caught yet🤪 The victim was forced to quit her job🤦🏻 😿I want you to know this problem😿 #MeToo #Japan #NGT
🚔Incident occurred in Japan🚔 The victim is deeply hurt by the case😿 The victim was a member of the idol group NGT48. This group produced by Mr,Akimoto 😎 But,he is Keeping out of sight👣👣 #EnglishMaho #JusticeForMahohon #山口真帆 #NGT48 #AKS #MeToo #NGT

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