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If he is a real man, in whom there is something of the Great White Spirit, then he, as a man, will want to put right all the things which he put wrong. If he wants to escape from the consequences of all his own actions, then I say he is not a man; he is only a coward.
Peace and concord will not come through any party, but through the children of the Great Spirit who, realizing these things are true, apply them in their lives, in their politics, in their factories, in their governments, in their international transactions.
Reincarnation does not always mean that you are to be punished. It often means that there are gaps which have to be filled. Sometimes they are chastening ones, sometimes they are lessons which have not been learned. It does not always mean punishment.
You are at present prisoners. You are hampered by the material body to which you are restricted on all sides. Your world is not the real world at all. It is only the shadow cast by the world of spirit. You will not understand reality until you pass into the world of spirit.
Those who rely on the crutches of words must be left until their souls can be awakened to an understanding that the Great Spirit is still at work, still inspiring, still revealing. His laws are still in operation and His power can flow through instruments today.

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