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Q If that is so, what is the use of the ideas of a heaven after death? THAT which you consider heaven today you will not consider heaven tomorrow, for happiness consists in striving, always striving, for the higher and the higher beyond that.
Q Shall we, after we pass on, be punished for having eaten animal food? WHEN you have reached that stage in your evolution when you know it is not right to eat the lesser creation of the Great Spirit, then you inflict on yourself a punishment for doing that which you know to ...
Q Was Jesus a human progressed through many incarnations? ALL I can say is that the spirit power which expressed itself through the Nazarene is in essence exactly the same as the one expressing itself through everybody in your world today. There are differences in the kind ...
Q What causes hauntings in the cases where there is a mechanical repetition of events, such as monks walking the passages of monasteries? SOME hauntings are caused by spirits, but in the cases you mention they are caused by intense concentration on earth, leaving an etheric ...
Q How would you describe God? IT is impossible to give you a complete picture. God is infinite. All language, concepts and pictures must be finite. The lesser cannot include the greater. You can obtain some idea of what the Great Spirit is like by looking at the universe ...

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