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166. Some prefer acting quickly when there is a problem since they believe it is best to try to fix it right away. Others take time and analyze the situation before they finally make a move. Which do you think is a better course of action? You should include your reasons for choosing that option. Please be as specific as possible.
505. What kind of a study desk would you like to have? Please include specific details in your explanation.
46. Do you want to keep busy and earn a high income or have much free time with a low income? Describe your reasons with specific details.
498. “So-called second foreign language classes should be abolished in favor of more English classes.” Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Please include specific details and concrete examples in your discussion.
392. Suppose you had sometime to spare on weekends. Are you more likely to spend that time for your hobby or for community service? Explain your reasons for that choice with specific details.

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